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Funeral Costs in Sutton Coldfield

The cost of a Funeral in Sutton Coldfield will vary considerably depending on a number of factors, such as whether your loved one is to be buried or cremated, whether you require any Limousines, the type of Coffin you choose, and personalised options such as floral tributes and order of service booklets.

We've put together a guide to help our clients understand the costs associated with arranging their loved ones Funeral.

Starting with the essentials

Our 'Classic Funeral Service' covers all of the essential Funeral Directors Services for your loved ones Funeral. See below for a complete breakdown of the services and associated costs.

  • Our Classic Funeral Service

  • Professional Services


    Our professional advice and support

    Meeting with you at our premises or your home to discuss the arrangements

    Making all necessary arrangements including with third parties

    Completion of all legal documentation required

  • Care of the deceased


    Bringing your loved one into our care, day or night, within 30 miles

    Care of your loved one in our private facilities up until the day of their Funeral

    Washing, dressing, grooming and encoffining of your loved one

    Visiting your loved one in our Private Chapel of Rest

  • Funeral Personnel


    Funeral Director to lead the procession and guide you on the day

    Team of Pallbearers to carry your loved ones Coffin

  • Funeral Cortege


    Provision of a Traditional Motor Hearse to convey your loved ones Coffin

    Cortege to process from our Funeral Home to the Family Home

    Cortege to process from the Family Home to the Funeral Service

  • Oak Veneered Coffin


    Alternatives available

    Provision of an Oak Veneered Coffin

    Suitable for Burial and Cremation

    Fully lined and fitted with Brass Style Handles and Wreath Holders

    Engraved Nameplate

  • Total Cost: £2,995.00

A Coffin for your loved one

Our Classic Funeral Service includes an Oak Veneered Coffin individually crafted for your loved one, fully lined and fitted with a white silk frill, six fleur handles, matching wreath holders, adorned with an engraved name plaque. This Coffin is suitable for both Burial and Cremation.

Cremation Coffin Oak Sutton Coldfield

You may wish to choose an alternative Coffin from our extensive brochure, ranging from Simple Wood Effect Coffins, to Real Wood Veneer and Solid Wood Coffins, and stunning Steel American Style Caskets, as well as Eco-Friendly Options including Wicker and Bamboo.

See our Full Brochure

Personalised Options available

You may wish to add a selection of our personalised options to further enhance your loved ones Funeral and to meet your individual requirements.

  • Our Range of Options

  • Limousines

    £250.00 (per)

    Provision of a Chauffeur Driven Limousine

    Conveying up to six mourners

    Conveyance from Private Address to Funeral Service

    Conveyance from Funeral Service back to Private Address

  • Horse Drawn Hearse


    Pair of Black of White Horses

    Black or White Carriage to convey Coffin

    Your choice of plume colour

  • Order of Service

    £3.00 per

    Personalised & bespoke Order of Service Booklets

    Printed with 4, 8 or 12 pages to suit requirements

    Personalised with colour photos throughout

  • Floral Tributes

    from £95.00

    A range of beautifully handcrafted Floral Tributes

    Letters, Cushions, Pillows, Sprays, Gates of Heaven.

Third Party Fees

In addition to our charges are the third party fees for the services and products provided by third parties, such as the Crematorium or Cemetery, Doctors and Minister. For a quotation based on your individual requirements, contact us anytime on 0121 308 2626.

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