A Simple Funeral Package suitable for Burial or Cremation

Our Simple Funeral Package £2,395 plus disbursements

Our Simple Funeral Package is designed to suit those looking to arrange a simple yet dignified Burial or Cremation for their loved one, with the Hearse travelling direct to the Crematorium or Cemetery on the day.

What's included?

  • Our Professional Fees for making the arrangements and completion of legal documentation
  • Collection and care of your loved one within 30 miles of our Funeral Home, anytime day or night
  • Preparation and dressing of your loved one in a shroud or own clothes
  • Provision of a Simple Coffin suitable for Burial or Cremation
  • Viewing in our Chapel of Rest on the day prior to the Funeral
  • Provision of a Funeral Director and Pallbearers
  • Hearse to convey your loved ones Coffin direct to Crematorium or Cemetery

Total Cost: £2,395.00 plus disbursements

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Our Simple Coffin

Our Simple Funeral Package includes our Simple Cherry Style Coffin with six brass effect handles, wreath holders and engraved name plate, fully lined and fitted with white interior, suitable for Burial or Cremation.

Summary of Costs

The overall cost to a Funeral is made up of the Funeral Directors Fees and the Third Party Fees. See below examples of overall costs for both Cremation and Burial.

Example of Cremation Costs

See below an example of Cremation Costs for our Simple Funeral, with a Service and Cremation at a Birmingham City Council Crematorium.

  1. Simple Funeral Package £2,395.00
  2. Crematorium Fees £875.00
  3. Doctors Fees £164.00
  4. Ministers Fee £200.00

Overall Cremation Cost: £3,634.00

Example of Burial Costs

See below an example of Burial Costs for our Simple Funeral, with a Service in Church then Burial in an existing grave at a Birmingham City Council Cemetery.

  • Simple Funeral Package £2,395.00
  • Cemetery Interment Fee £1,054.00
  • Church Fee £100.00
  • Ministers Fee £200.00

Overall Burial Cost: £3,813.00

Interested in our Simple Funeral Package?

If you're interested in our Simple Funeral Package and would like to discuss your options with our team, or if you'd like to proceed in making arrangements for your loved ones Funeral, please call us anytime on 0121 308 2626.

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Have you considered an alternative package?

Maybe this package doesn't suit your requirements? We provide a range of Funeral Services from the most simple, to the most elaborate. See below our standard three pre-defined packages.

Simple Funeral

A Simple Funeral with the Hearse travelling direct to the Crematorium or Cemetery.


plus disbursements

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Traditional Funeral

A Traditional Funeral with a Hearse, a Limousine, a Floral Tribute and Service Sheets.


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Direct Cremation

The most basic Non-attended Cremation with return or scattering of ashes.


All-Inclusive Price

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