Create a truly meaningful Funeral in honour of your loved one

Creating a Personalised Funeral

We encourage our clients to create a Personalised Funeral in honour of their loved ones life by choosing from a wide range of options such as burial or cremation, the venue for the service, choosing a Coffin, Chapel of Rest visits, vehicles, stationery, floral tributes, final resting places and memorials.

Burial or Cremation in Sutton Coldfield

Burial or Cremation

One of the most important decisions you will need to make at the time of arranging your loved ones Funeral is whether they are to be Buried or Cremated.

There are pro's and con's to both options, for example, Cremation is often cheaper, but with a burial, you have a permanent place to visit and erect a memorial if you wish. Talk to us for more information.

Sutton Coldfield Crematorium

Choosing a venue

Another important decision to make is the choice of venue in which to hold your loved ones Funeral Service.

Whilst the most popular options are to hold the Funeral Service at the Crematorium or Cemetery Chapel, or in a place of worship if the deceased was religious, many families are opting for alternatives such as an outdoor service or in the comfort of their own home.

Coffins Sutton Coldfield

Choosing a Coffin or Casket

We provide a wide range of Coffins and Caskets to suit the varying tastes and requirements of our clients.

From Simple Wood Effect Coffins, to Real Wood Veneer and Solid Wood Coffins, and stunning Steel American Style Caskets, as well as Eco-Friendly Options including Wicker and Bamboo. Prices vary depending on style and material.

Chapel of Rest Sutton Coldfield

Visiting your loved one

We have a beautiful Chapel of Rest located at the rear of our premises with its own private entrance. When visiting your loved one, we will firstly seat you in our private family suite, offer you a hot or cold drink, then lead you to the Chapel entrance.

You can spend as much time with your loved one as you wish. When you're ready to leave, you can do so discretely.

Hearses Sutton Coldfield

Ceremonial Vehicles

We are proud to use brand new shape Jaguar XJ Funeral Vehicles. The Hearse is the vehicle to convey your loved ones Coffin to the Funeral. This has a large deck for displaying floral tributes, as well as a large roof area.

The Limousines are designed to convey up to 7 mourners and are fitted with Air Conditioning and Leather Interiors. Following the Funeral the Limousine will return mourners to the family home or venue for wake.

Hearses Sutton Coldfield

Alternative Funeral Vehicles

We offer a selection of alternative Funeral Vehicles to our clients should they wish to choose an alternative to our Rolls Royces.

We are able to offer Black, White and Silver Jaguars, Land Rover Hearses, VW Camper Hearse, Rainbow Hearse, Pink Hearse, Union Jack Hearse, Leopard Skin Hearse and Motorcycle Hearses.

Order of Service Sutton Coldfield

Order of Service Booklets

We will work with you to create bespoke Order of Service Booklets for your loved ones Funeral.

Once you've met with the Minister of Celebrant who is leading the Ceremony, they will provide you wish a running order to be printed inside the booklet. We can further personalise these booklets with a selection of photos and poems if you wish.

Floral Tributes for Funerals Sutton Coldfield

Floral Tributes

We work closely with an Independent Florist called Perfect Day Floral Tributes, located in Tamworth. Loren is a highly skilled florist who will create bespoke tributes to suit the individual requirements of our clients. She can create popular tributes including letters such as 'DAD', 'MOM', as well as names, Sprays, Posies, Sheafs, Hearts, Crosses or anything bespoke to suit your tastes. She can also provide individually wrapped single roses for family to place on the Coffin.

Dove Release Sutton Coldfield

A Dove Release or a Bagpiper

We can arrange for a release of doves at the end of your loved ones Funeral. The doves can be released from a wicker box, or alternatively each family member can hold a dove and release them individually.

We can also arrange for a traditional Scottish Bagpiper to play at your loved ones Funeral, usually leading the procession into the Crematorium or up to the doors of the Church.

Burial of Ashes Sutton Coldfield

Burial or Scattering of the ashes

We can arrange for your loved ones ashes to be buried in an existing grave or alternatively in a new ashes plot.

We can alternatively arrange for your loved ones ashes to be scattered at the Crematorium, or if you prefer, you can take your loved ones ashes to meaningful place and scatter them yourselves. You must seek permission before scattering ashes.

Headstones Sutton Coldfield

Headstones & Memorials

We work closely with a family run Stone Masons in Dudley to provide a range of Headstones and Memorials.

Arrange an appointment to visit us to discuss your individual needs. We can provide you with a full brochure and a quotation based on the specific Headstone or Memorial you like. We also offer a full renovation service for existing memorials that need bringing up to date.