Arranging a Funeral in Sutton Coldfield
Making the arrangements for your loved ones Funeral
Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Initial care and advice

No matter the time of day or day of the week, we are here for you, 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. Call us anytime on 0121 308 2626 for our immediate attention and support.

You can visit us anytime Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.00pm at our Funeral Home, or call to make an appointment at your convenience. Alternatively we can visit you in the comfort of your own home.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Conveyance of your loved one

We will convey your loved one from their place of death into our care using our specialist equipment in our Private Ambulance.

If your loved one has died in Hospital, or is currently resting with the Coroner, we can convey your loved one as soon as the necessary paperwork has been completed. If your loved one has died at home or in a hospice or care home, we will convey them into our care immediately.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Caring for your loved one

Your loved one will rest at our Funeral Home within our state-of-the-art facilities up until the day of their Funeral.

We have private temperature controlled facilities in which your loved one will rest, and a beautiful Chapel of Rest for you to visit and spend time with them within. Your loved one will be washed head to toe, prepared and then dressed in an outfit of your choice, or alternatively a shroud.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Making the arrangements

We will meet with you to plan your loved ones Funeral and make the necessary arrangements. We have a private family suite at our Funeral Home in which we can meet with you or alternatively we can visit you in the comfort of your own home.

We like to start with a blank page and create a bespoke Funeral to honour your loved ones life whilst meeting your individual requirements.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Selecting a Coffin or Casket

We provide a wide range of Coffins and Caskets to suit the varying tastes and requirements of our clients, from Simple Wood Effect Coffins, to Real Wood Veneer and Solid Wood Coffins, and stunning Steel American Style Caskets, as well as Eco-Friendly Options including Wicker and Bamboo. Prices vary depending on style and material.

See Our Full Coffin Brochure
Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Visiting your loved one

We have a beautiful Chapel of Rest located at the rear of our premises with its own private entrance. When visiting your loved one, we will firstly seat you in our private family suite, offer you a hot or cold drink, then lead you to the Chapel entrance.

You can spend as much time with your loved one as you wish. When you're ready to leave, you can do so discretely.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Ceremonial Vehicles

Upholding our high standards, we provide the most prestigious Funeral Ceremonial Vehicles in the town. With an extensive fleet of Brand New Jaguar XJ Hearses and Limousines, we ensure your loved one, family and friends travel in comfort to and from the Funeral.

The Funeral Procession will be lead by our Funeral Director who will walk in front of the Hearse as a final mark of respect to your loved one.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Funeral Director and Pallbearers

We understand the importance of continuity and ensure that the Funeral Director who takes care of your loved ones  arrangements from the beginning will be the Funeral Director present on the day of the Funeral.

We also provide a team of Pallbearers to take care of conveying your loved ones Coffin from the Hearse into the Funeral.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Personalised optional services

We offer a wide range of options to personalise your loved ones Funeral, such as alternative Coffins and Caskets, Floral Tributes, Order of Service Booklets, Balloon and Dove Releases, Alternative Hearses, music options, live singers and online streaming services.

We will discuss these services with you in more detail when we meet to discuss your loved ones Funeral arrangements.

Funeral Care Sutton Coldfield

Funeral Costs

The cost of a Funeral in Sutton Coldfield varies depending on the services and products you require. We provide a range of Funeral Services from the most simple, to the most elaborate. As each and every Funeral is individually planned to suit the requirements of our client, the costs vary accordingly.

Funeral Costs